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January 6th, 2011
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Google Places By The Numbers

So you are setting up a Google Places Page for your business and everything is going along fine until you hit the submit button and whats this? You open up the dashboard and take a look at your handiwork but it says your not 100% finished? Google rewards listings that are 100% complete by giving them a very slight boost in the rankings (and every little bit helps!) so you want to find that missing element. You can spend a long time hunting and poking to try and find whats missing, but instead of spending all that time and frustration searching through the listing let me give you a hand!

How to Make your Google Places Listing 100% Complete

After building a number of Places Page listings and having some of them come up less than 100% complete, I finally decided to go through the creation of a listing one step at a time and make myself a checklist that shows the value of each item that Google gives you credit for in completing a listing.

This should help you to find the missing element(s) in your own listing if it is showing as less than 100% complete!

Required Fields = 40%

Company/Organization, Street Address, City/Town, State, ZIP, Main Phone#

Categories = 0%

You must select at least 1 of Google’s suggested categories but this item does not contribute to the completion percentage.

Email Address = 5%

For best results, use an address from the business if one exists. (e.g. Otherwise, just use any valid email address.

Website URL = 10%

Description = 5%

200 Characters or less. Use keywords judiciously here and make it helpful for the customer!

Hours of Operation = 5%

(Any box toggled)

Payment Options = 5%

(Any box toggled)

10 Photographs = 20%

The breakdown for each picture is as follows:

#1 = 5%

#2 = 2%

#3 & 4 = 1%

#5 = 2%

#6 = 2%

#7 = 2%

#8 = 2%

#9 = 2%

#10 = 2%

Video #1 = 4%

Additional Videos (2-5) = 0%

Additional Details = 6%

(One line item)

Total = 100%

This checklist is not intended to be a complete guide to optimizing your Google Places Pages for best ranking performance. It is simply designed to help insure that when you are creating a listing you meet all of the requirements to have a listing that Google considers 100% complete.

For more information about Google Places Listings and Marketing Your Local Business Online, please visit our Services Page.

Feel free to print this information out and keep it handy by your computer for future reference! You can download a copy of our Handy Guide here, “Google Places By The Numbers”