Friday, August 19th, 2011

Services Offered

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about Improving the Volume and Quality of Traffic (customers) to your website. SEO gives your site Web Presence by optimizing pages so that when a potential customer performs a search, your business will appear higher in the search results listing, making it more likely that you will be contacted first and have the opportunity to make the sale.

SEO Benefits

1. Optimization Provides Long-Term Benefits and Increased Sales
2. High Search Ranking Acts As A Google Endorsement
3. Proper Optimization Provides Market Dominance
4. Keyword Targeting Brings Qualified Buyers

• Location Based Search (Google Places, Yahoo Local, CitySearch, etc.)

Online Search Engines are now the #1 resource for people looking for a product or service to purchase locally! More than 80% of all customers now search online before making a local purchase! Make sure that your business is found easily in the online Maps. Digital Profusion’s local search marketing services are an excellent solution for driving high quality traffic to your local business from multiple online mediums, including “Smart” Mobile Phones, Top National Search Engines, Local Search Engines, Internet Yellow Pages, Niche Search Sites, Mobile Directories, and GPS providers.

Geo-Targeting Benefits

1. Attracts Local Customers Ready To Buy Now
2. Allows Out Of Area Visitors To Find Your Business Easily
3. Lets Your Website Easily Rank High In Search Results
4. Allows Your Local Business to Compete Head-To-Head With Giant National Corporations

• Mobile Website & Marketing

Want to be in front of millions of customers that are looking for what they need right this second? Of course you do! The best way to do just that is to be on every phone in every purse, pocket and backpack, with a Mobile Website. Mobile Phones now outnumber desktop computers 4 to 1 and smart-phones like the iPhone, Blackberry and Android are selling at a rate of over 100,000 a day. It won’t be long until more people are surfing the web from their phone than on a PC! A recent survey found that almost 1/3 of smart-phone users, who search for local businesses via mobile, end up visiting or calling the location. What does that mean for you the small business owner? If you want to make the most of this boom you need to have a website that is Designed and Optimized for the Mobile Phone user! Most existing websites don’t work well on a phone, they are slow to load and difficult to navigate, and if the typical user can not find what they need in a matter of seconds they will leave your site and move on to your competitors.

Mobile Website Benefits

1. Allows Customers To Easily Find You When Away From Home
2. Map/Driving Directions Automatically Linked To Your Address
3. Easily Display Hours Of Operation
4. Provide Phone Number with 1-Touch Dialing
5. Lets Out Of Area Visitors Find Your Business Easily

• Website Design / Redesign

Don’t fall victim to the “build it and they will come” philosophy! Businesses with quality websites gain the highest return on investment. 85% of people feel Web site quality is an important factor in earning trust. Your Web Site should, Educate, Inform and turn Searchers into Buyers! Digital Profusion will analyze your business and integrate proven marketing techniques into the development process to ensure that your site(s) receive targeted traffic and generate leads or sales! Your existing promotional materials can be analyzed and incorporated into a cohesive design strategy for your web presence. This allows for a more personalized customer experience that can not be obtained by using templates or “off-the-shelf” software packages or services. If your website is more than 2-3 years old then it probably needs a makeover. Digital Profusion can update your current website while incorporating all of your current content to bring you up to speed in the world of Web 2.0

Website Design Benefits

1. Customers Can Find You Easily
2. Properly Designed Site Builds Trust
3. Integrated Marketing Systems
4. Search Engine Optimized for High Search Rankings
5. Optimized for Local Search Visibility
6. Available to Customers 24-7

• Blog Creation/Management

Having a Blog for your Small Business Website is a key element in maintaining a high ranking in the organic Search listings. A blog provides a constant stream of new content for the Search Engines to share with buyers. This content can lead new people to your website, it also allows your existing customers to interact with you online and gives the Search Engines reason to come back to your site often. New, fresh, relevant content is the food that fuels today’s Search Engines.

Blog Benefits

1. Brings New Customers To Your Website
2. Allows Your Customers To Interact With You
3. Easily Add New Search Keywords & Phrases
4. Keeps Your Site Looking “Fresh” To The Search Engines

• Audio – Video (A/V) Marketing

Video is taking over the internet! Over 2 BILLION videos are seen on YouTube every day and YouTube is now the second biggest Search Engine, right behind Google! We will work with you to create your personalized video and then distribute that video via established marketing channels. We specialize in getting your video highly ranked in the search engine results, driving even more traffic and increasing awareness for your business. Your content can also be made into a “Podcast” that your customers can download onto their computer, iPod or Phone and then listen to it whenever they want, wherever they go!

A/V Marketing Benefits

1. Easy Consumption
2. Appealing To The Senses
3. Engages The Emotions
4. Demonstrates Your Expertise and Solidifies Your Credibility and Branding
5. Allows For Easy Re-Purposing Of Content

• Customer Acquisition & Retention

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. At Digital Profusion we can help you to establish an ongoing customer acquisition and retention program. With a well designed plan you can constantly be converting visitors to your website into new customers. Email as well as direct mailings can also be used to promote your business, keep your customers excited to hear from you and drive additional sales.

Customer Acquisition Benefits

1. Build an Ever Growing List of New Customers
2. Communicate Quickly and Easily With Your Entire List or Target Very Specific Groups
3. Convert Casual Web Visitors Into New Customers
4. Re-Engage and Re-Energize Existing Customers with Special Offers Designed “Just For Them”
5. Get Your Existing Customers To Promote You To Their Friends

• Keyword and Competition Research

Keywords are the building blocks of the online world. All Search Engine traffic is built around keywords and keyword phrases. Keyword Research is critical to your online success, you need to know what terms are being searched for as well as how often those terms are being searched. If your competitors are ranking higher in the search engines than you, then a complete competitive analysis can give you the edge you need to be Number One!

Keyword Research Benefits

1. Know Which Terms Your Customers Actually Search For
2. Target Specific Phrases For Top Search Rankings
3. Use Your Competitions Website To YOUR Advantage

• Press Releases

Did you know that a Press Release can attract thousands of visitors to your website, while simultaneously creating inbound links to your site? This is the key to press release marketing: the fact that hundreds of websites will become your partners in promotion. At Digital Profusion our goal is to create press releases for you that are both Professional and Search Engine Optimized.

Press Release Benefits

1. Attracts New Visitors That Would Not Have Found You Via Search
2. Create Inbound Links To Your Site
3. Free Coverage From Your Local Newspapers

• Reputation Management

Do you know what others are saying about your business? On the wide open spaces of the internet all it takes is for a single person to complain about your brand or service and you can quickly be fighting a publicity firestorm that is impossible to put out! In the ultra connected and ever more social world that the internet has become it is vital that you know what is being said about you and your brand. We can provide a number of strategies for monitoring the ever growing number of conversations about You and Your Business that take place every day on the web. By closely monitoring what is being said, both positive and negative, you can react quickly and effectively to maintain your hard earned reputation. You will also know where you need to engage with your customers and fans in order to educate, answer questions and help build additional brand loyalty by actively engaging with customers that are already talking highly about you or your business.

Reputation Management Benefits

1. Turn Negative Opinions Into Positive Opinions
2. Protect Your Name and Brand
3. Educate Customers
4. Find / Create Customer Brand Evangelists

• Social Media Marketing (Twitter/Facebook etc.)

Social Media is becoming an increasingly important strategic element in recruiting, employee relationships, customer relations, and business development. Social Media allows you to have an ongoing, near real time “conversation” with your customers and keeps you in touch with what your buyers really want. It also has fantastic SEO qualities when properly implemented.

Social Media Benefits

1. Viral Marketing
2. Social Proof and Support
3. Enhances SEO
4. Enhanced Demographic Targeting
5. Lets Customers Easily Tell Others About You

• Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Advertising involves the placement of a small ad on a search results page, typically Google, when a specific keyword or topic is entered. In return, you pay a certain sum when someone actually clicks on the ad.

PPC Benefits

1. Fast and Measurable Results
2. Great Lead Generation Capability
3. Excellent in Reactive Markets
4. Demographic Targeting
5. Geographic Targeting

• Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is internet speak for all of the other elements of Internet Marketing that we use today. Once you have presence on the internet with your website, the next step is to solidify your position by “casting your net further”. This can be done with strategies such as Article Marketing, Online Classifieds, eBay Store, Squidoo Lenses Backlinking, Blog Commenting, and many more…

Web 2.0 Benefits

1. All Web 2.0 strategies help add “value” to your Main Websites